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What is virtual tour software?

A virtual tour software is a piece of software that generates virtual tours (for instance virtual tours with the property that you want to sell online) by using your pictures, pictures taken with any knid of smartphone or camera.

Now... the software uses a very interesting technology, so a certain user will not need to do technical or programming work - it only needs to use it like word or excell, and in fact the learning curve is simpler with Tour Wizard.

And we prepared some questions and answers as well - but if you also have other, please feel free to use the comment section in order to ask as many questions as you want, and I will gladly answer them.

Why do you need a virtual tour?
To offer a short answer, is it because it is the most effective real estate tool available on the market and each client need it to deal with the competition and at the same time to create gorgeous presentations. A virtual tour gives each of your clients the visual advantages today’s viewers are looking for – the realistic feeling of visiting a property without actually leaving their own homes.

Can I customize the tours?
Sure - the developers of this solutions have created a large number of features for you to be able to create the presentation you have forever dream about. And what’s more, as you’re reading this, the devs are working on providing even more impressive features that will ease up your work! So, syou can check the website for more features and surprises.

Can I use them on email or social media?
Sure you can, in fact the whole Tour Wizard system is built in such a way that any user can do himself all the marketing work needed, like sharing, embeding the virtual tour, sending the tour on email and so on

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